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About SnootyPooch


The Snooty Pooch Pet Spa isn't just another pet grooming establishment; it's a labor of love, passion, and expertise carefully cultivated by the owners, Jim and Diane Clark with the assistance of the best staff, groomers, and groomer assistants in Palm Beach County. With a decade-long legacy of excellence in the pet grooming industry, they bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to pampering every furry client who walks through their doors.

Their journey began with Happy Tails Pet Spa, the premier pet spa in Florida for nearly a decade. Their dedication to providing top-notch service and creating a welcoming environment earned them the coveted title of #1 ranked pet spa in the state. But, it was never just about the accolades, it was about building lasting relationships with pets and their owners.

Now, with The Snooty Pooch Pet Spa, Jim and Diane continue their mission to provide the ultimate grooming experience for beloved pets and are blessed to have an amazing group of staff who share the same passion. Jim and Diane's passion for animals extends beyond business; it's ingrained in their family life, with four adorable King Charles Cavaliers - Lady Lilly, Lady Alma, Sir James, and Raja. They understand firsthand the joy and companionship pets bring into our lives.

At The Snooty Pooch, every pet is treated like royalty. From luxurious baths and breed-specific haircuts to nail trimming and ear cleaning, every service is performed with precision and care. The spa's tranquil atmosphere and personalized attention ensure that each furry friend feels relaxed and pampered from start to finish.

Jim and Diane can't wait to welcome new furry friends into their extended family at The Snooty Pooch Pet Spa. With their expertise, dedication, and genuine love for animals, pet owners can rest assured that their four-legged companions are in the best hands possible.

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